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High Strength Wastewater

The problem of treating industrial wastewater has been in existence since the industrial revolution. Industrial waste is defined as waste generated by manufacturing or industrial processes. Industrial wastewater often contains a mix of harsh chemicals like soaps, solvents and acid, heavy metals, and high levels of oil and grease.

Textile wastewater represents typical industrial wastewater. Certain contaminants comprise the bulk of biological treatment capacity. Oftentimes removing a single small stream of the offending contaminant will get the biological system working optimally.

As an example, fibers have chemicals added, such as poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) that create hard to digest bio-treatment situations, which Vacom can treat, remove, and recover upstream to take the load off the biological system.

Vacom’s experience and innovative designs take into account not only today’s waste stream but what may be coming down the line – whether it is a new textile process or a change in the waste water generation from an upstream process.

Vacom’s technology is flexible and offers waste water solutions for a variety of industries, not just textile manufacturing. So, whether you are looking for a waste water solution for your textile business or any other high strength wastewater generating industry, Vacom has a solution for you.

The Benefits of Using Vacom's High Strength Wastewater Treatment Technology

While other water treatment systems involve long retention time with aeration lagoons, Vacom’s technology eliminates the need for this. Vacom’s technology is more effective and efficient than other waste water treatment systems.  Here are some of the benefits of using Vacom’s high strength wastewater treatment technology:

Reduced impact on aeration

Upstream reduction of biological demands

Removal and/or recovery of difficult to treat contaminants

Sophisticated operating experience

Innovative design solutions

Flexible waste water solutions

Cost-effective wastewater management

Vacom’s high strength wastewater treatment is most needed in the manufacturing and mining industries.  Another typical example of treating high strength industrial wastewater is in the metal working industry, which is discussed on the Metals Processing and Manufacturing treatment page.

Vacom's Wastewater Treatment Technology Saves Money

Vacom’s innovative technology eliminates time and resources in its high strength wastewater treatment  process. In doing so, it provides considerable cost savings to users. Here are some ways in which Vacom’s technology can save you money:

Reduced waste water disposal costs

Reduced sludge disposal costs

Reduced energy costs

Reduced chemical Costs

Reduced maintenance and operation costs

The bottom line for waste water is total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the facility which means less money spent on waste water management year over year.

Businesses are choosing Vacom for the huge cost savings.

As the world becomes more industrialized, the problem of waste water treatment becomes more pressing. High strength wastewater, which is waste water with a high concentration of pollutants, is particularly difficult to treat. However, Vacom’s innovative design solutions provide a much needed solution to this problem. Other systems require extensive treatment trains and dedicated operators, but Vacom’s technology is much more efficient, therefore more cost-effective.

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