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ClearChannel HX™ - No Fouling or Scaling

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Vacom is a clean water technology company that excels in patent-pending technology in industrial wastewater remediation. Our solutions range from Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) to advanced oil recovery and freshwater discharge to one-step crystallization.

We provide Clean Water Solutions for the following:

Oil and Gas

Major international oil & gas companies have selected Vacom for our technical expertise managing produced water including removing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) from the resulting salt solids.

Metals Processing and Manufacturing

Customers such as Eaton, YKK, Lockheed-Martin, Caterpillar and many others have used the Vacom system to manage their highly complex oily wastewater generated from the manufacture of metal parts.

Power Plant ZLD

Vacom has proven to be a technology of choice for managing Power Plant effluents. By removing Selenium, Mercury, and Misc. Heavy Metals, the distillate is capable of reuse or discharge.

Municipal Sludge Management

The Vacom Hydrolyzer effectively denatures and ruptures sludge bacteria cells and kills 100% of pathogens. It works independently or in concert with digestors and provides Class A beneficial reuse options or enhanced dewatering options for disposal.

High Strength Wastewater

Whatever the source of your high strength wastewater, Vacom provides core technology that eliminates chemistry, extensive treatment trains and dedicated operators. We’ll compare our total operating costs against anybody!

RO Reject and ZLD Projects

Vacom Systems has the ability to significantly impact mining, refining, petro-chemical and landfill leachate. We regularly compete on RO reject ZLD projects. We also provide systems to recover value from mining and organic waste streams.

How do we outperform everyone?

So Sophisticated, It's Simple!

Best Waste Water Purification Technology Vacom Systems

Vacom is a water treatment innovator.

Over the last couple of decades, we have taken on some of the most difficult and unique water management projects in the world. Our award winning MVR solutions cross numerous applications, and have enabled our customers to significantly improve their operations.

System Comparison

Vacom Systems Clean Water

Single Evaporator/Crystallizer

Concentrates salts above the precipitation point

Accepts high suspended solids

Easy to maintain external heat exchanger design

No fouling or scaling

Other Evaporator Systems

Multiple Process Systems
Evaporator System (MVR)
Crystallizer System (Non-MVR)

Concentrates salts below the precipitation point

Cannot accept suspended solids

Cannot concentrate oil

Difficult to maintain internal heat exchanger design

Customer Testimonials

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