Vapor Compression Technologies
  • Vacom One-Step!™ Evaporator, Brine Concentrator & Crystallizer in One
  • Vacom Flash Hydrolyzer™ for Bio-Sludge
If you want to know about us,
You need to know what drives us
  • Fouling & Scaling
  • Expensive pretreatment processes
  • Complicated site installs
  • System downtime

We hate these problems, and we know you do too.
The Toughest Wastewater Problems
If an evaporator, brine concentrator & crystallizer could be used on the most complex wastewater problems, what could be done?

  • Break rag layer emulsions
  • Process industrial waste wastes without pretreatment
  • Enhance digester performance
    (see our new Flash Hydrolyzer design)
  • Crystallize dirty salts
  • Concentrate nearly anything!
Is Dilution the Solution to Pollution? No!
Concentrate Instead
A Vacom One-Step!™ system allows you to concentrate and manage residuals cost effectively.

A Zero Liquid Discharge Solution (ZLD)
Wouldn’t it be cool to build a system that resolves these questions?
This is what VACOM does!

  • Why build an evaporator followed by a crystallizer?
  • Can’t they both be in one system?
  • What's the best way to keep a system clean?
  • What is the best way to achieve maximum boiling point rise with minimum horsepower?
  • Can a system be designed in modular components to minimize on- site install costs?
Its time rethink old technology, its time for VACOM
Industrial evaporators and crystallizers have been in industrial use for decades with minimal changes and upgrades...
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Vacom is the only non-fouling, non-scaling evaporator and crystallizer system… and we can prove it!

We stamp our own proprietary heat exchanger plates with our worldwide alliance partners, Danfoss, which make the largest plates in the world.

Our Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) solutions range from crystallization for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) to concentration of up to 80% oil for recovery from emulsion wastewaters --- while producing clean water.

Vacom’s crystallizer can make clean salt for recovery or dirty salt for disposal. We don’t require any pretreatment steps such as softening, anti-scalants, oil & suspended solids removal!

Our team stabilizes and dewaters salt slurries for power plant applications and other industries for safe and minimized landfill disposal.

Vacom has practical experience removing and recovering Ammonia and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) within our treatment train.

Vacom: a Less Expensive Disposal Alternative

Vacom’s One-Step!™ Crystallizer technology provides for the generation of only two products: clean water and salt solids.

Vacom: a Less Expensive Disposal Alternative
Reduced volumes of salt solids can be disposed of in landfills at costs less than wastewater injection. Vacom’s Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) design allows for higher achievable concentrations without pretreatment that other crystallizers cannot manage. We eliminate the cost of pretreatment and disposal of residuals from pretreatment steps. This results in the smallest possible landfill volumes and lower lifecycle operating costs at your facility. Additionally, our experience with salt stabilization results in non-leaching solids that pass TCLP requirements.

Vacom Recovers Valuable By-Products
Vacom’s approach to recycling is to recover water, oil, or salts if they have value. We work with our clients to design systems that recover the products of greatest value. This may be oil from emulsion wastewater treatment at Industrial facilities, clean salt for feed to a chlor-alkali plant or mined salts such as lithium and rare-earth minerals. Recovering by-products can offset Vacom’s capital costs over conventional physical / chemical (phys-chem) treatment trains.

Companies who Trust Vacom