RO Reject and ZLD Projects

RO Reject and ZLD Projects


RO Reject and ZLD Projects

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a loosely defined wastewater treatment concept that has recently attracted considerable attention. Some consider ZLD the highest standard of environmental stewardship, while others say it is cost restrictive and an impractical pipe dream!

So, which is it?

Well, instead of answering this question directly, it is better to focus on industrial areas where waste minimization is a necessity. Reverse Osmosis Membrane Reject (RO) for example, is a real issue that needs to be addressed, especially as RO membrane usage continues to grow almost exponentially.

Vacom Systems™ LLC (Vacom) is ideally suited to address the issue of RO Reject and waste minimization from RO Reject streams. Vacom is a clean water company that uses vapor recompression evaporator technology to treat RO Reject through our unique Vacom One-Step™ System. Vacom’s next generation technology is a dramatically more efficient and cost-effective single step process that its competitors cannot match.

At many current sites, RO membrane reject is sent to a local Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) or even discharged directly into a river, stream or ocean thereby increasing the salinity of these receiving water bodies. This is an unsustainable solution, and the EPA is increasingly limiting these discharge practices. However, Vacom’s unique technology uses a combination of proprietary and patent pending processes related to high shear, high velocity, and submerged boiling of the waste stream. We have developed proprietary heat exchanger designs to concentrate RO reject without the addition of any chemicals and without any pretreatment steps. This is why we call it the One-Step™ system… just add your RO reject and the Vacom Systems™ will concentrate it to a minimal disposal volume and return clean, reusable distilled water.

Vacom can provide True ZLD Solutions for RO Reject Wastewater:

RO Reject can be highly scaling: A Vacom system does not scale and does not require the addition of anti-scalants or any tedious pretreatment steps to protect our system.

In many cases RO Reject can be concentrated to complete crystallization. The salt slurry from a Vacom loop is dewatered through a filter with the end result being clean water and a filter cake!
ZLD of RO reject eliminates river and ocean discharges or POTW discharges of concentrated brine. This improves the performance of the POTW, and protects natural water sources.