Solids Management

Solids Management


Solids Management

Zero Liquid Discharge Wastewater projects may seem daunting at first:
What do I do with the solids at the end of the project?
What if there is still some liquid left at the end of the process?
Can my concentrated waste be stabilized?
Will my waste be accepted by a nearby landfill?

Vacom is here to help with these questions.

While our technology is considered the “Best Available Technology” in some industries, we cannot cheat the laws of chemistry and physics: there will always be something left after evaporation and crystallization.

Vacom’s lab, located in Park City, Utah, can accept liquid samples for boil-down testing to determine the viability of a Vacom system for a given project. But, we can also test the remaining salt slurry / solids for stabilization testing. First, the boil-down testing simulates the temperature and boiling conditions that a full-scale Vacom system will operate at when processing a particular wastewater sample. This is the first step in sizing a Vacom system for any project. But, we don’t stop there. Our lab has filtration equipment, a total solids analyzer, and many soil amendments and chemical reagents that allow us to mix stabilizing compounds into the concentrate to simulate a final disposal product.

Vacom Systems™ has a relationship with ChemTech Ford, a nearby certified water quality lab, where we can send water quality samples of the Feed Water, Distillate, and Concentrate for a variety of analytical analyses.

Vacom understands that operating an evaporator or crystallizer means managing the solids afterward. With the use of our lab, we are standing by to provide a complete solution to your processing and disposal needs.

Vacom’s team performs laboratory testing to achieve stabilized salts for landfill disposal.

Additionally, Vacom selects the dewatering technologies for most projects and have a combined experience of 100+ years in designing dewatering systems. Vacom has a strong working relationship with Oberlin filter, a leader in filtration of salt slurries from crystallization systems.

We mix reagents and stabilizing compounds to your concentrate to help you achieve results that pass the Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure Test (TCLP).

We regularly process “dirty salts”. Any system that can only produce a clean salt means that it required significant pretreatment steps prior to the crystallizer. The Vacom One-Step!™ system accepts dirty waste streams and creates salt for disposal with everything in it! (And still no fouling or scaling in the system!)