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Oil and Gas Systems

Vacom Systems (“Vacom”) provides equipment to solve a wide a range of industry segments water management challenges. This description focuses on systems for produced water resulting from oil and gas treatment. 

Delivering Best Available Benefits

Vacom’s services effectively reduce the costs of obtaining fresh water and disposing of contaminated waters/sludges. It can significantly reduce disposal costs and the logistical challenges posed by these activities. And accordingly minimizes the resulting environmental and public impacts. Further, Vacom’s equipment provides the water quality necessary for reuse as surface drilling, dust suppression, or discharge in oil & gas operations as well as reuse for cooling towers, boiler feed or scrubber water in the power industry.

Vacom: a Source of New Water

Vacom’s treated distilled water provides a readily available source of fresh water for those fields and plants that do not have a nearby fresh water source or require high quality water within their operations. In remote and arid locations, costs associated with obtaining fresh water can commonly be significant. In cases where water wells are available, Vacom’s ability to recycle water reduces the use of fresh water aquifers and surface water and associated environmental impacts. Treated water can be re-oxygenated and re-mineralized for use trout streams.

Vacom: a Less Expensive Disposal Alternative

Vacom’s VCC One-Step! Crystallizer technology provides for the generation of only two products: clean water and salt solids. Reduced volumes of salt solids can be disposed of in landfills at costs less than wastewater injection. This technical approach allows for true Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Vacom handles virtually any range of inlet feed contamination while producing results consistently compliant with environmental requirements.

Vacom Recovers Valuable By-Products

Vacom’s approach to recycling has been intelligently crafted to provide a number of other benefits. Vacom first separates and returns to its customer clean water. If the resulting salts have value as road salt generated from produced water, Vacom has the capability to remove offending contaminants from the salt. If oil is present in recoverable volumes, Vacom has the capability to capture and recover this oil. And if specialty salts have value, such as Lithium, we can provide our VCC One-Step!system to recover these valuable salts. These recovered by-products offset Vacom costs and provide an economic advantage over its competitors.

Vacom Offers Best Available Waste Reduction

Additionally, Vacom technology has been designed to maximize the distilled water it produces while minimizing the volume of contaminants into a salt cake. The Vacom VCC One-Step!system doesn’t make contaminants disappear, but yields a minimum volume of salt slurry consisting of crystallized salt particles and brine. The slurry can then be separated into salt cake and the liquid phase recycled to the Vacom system. Vacom’s process continues to distill water from the recycled liquid phase of the slurry.

By concentrating and crystallizing dissolved solids (salts) in the VCC One-Step! system
beyond the ability of any competitor, Vacom minimizes disposal costs.

The Bottom Line

“Water will be the defining issue of the century… and a key factor in planning oil and gas drilling programs.”

David Nelson
International Environmental Audit and Regulatory Consultant – 2007

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