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Vacom equipment capabilities are changing the expectations of industries, engineers & environmentalists around the world.

About Vacom Clean Water Solutions
Vacom Wastewater Treatment System Installation
Vacom Water Treatment Global Award Winner 2020
Decades of design, fabrication and operational experience have positioned Vacom as a premier problem solver in water management. Our technologies have included dewatering, desalinization, oil/water separation, bio-sludge treatment, pressure filtration and a variety of vapor compression specialties. Our international experience demonstrates our ability to manage projects across the globe. We are most earnest in our goal to meet customer needs both technically and operationally.

The difficult and diverse nature of the materials we process and the operational problems we solve intergrating in a wide range of processes, has spawned significant technical enhancements to our systems. From pressure filtration to evaporation, Vacom is doing things never done before.

The HotPack™

The ClearChannel™
Heat Exchanger

The Mechanical Vapor
Recompression (MVR)
Wastewater Concentrator

The Vapor Compression Crystalizer (VCC) One-Step! Process

The CatCracker™

Best Global Wastewater Treatment Solution
The Future of Vacom Systems
Starting with the HotPack™ filterplate, the CatCracker™ wash, the ClearChannel™ heat exchanger, the Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) One-Step!™ process from evaporation to crystallization, and now with our latest invention for Waste Activated Sludge, the WAS Hydrolyzer; Vacom equipment capabilities are changing the expectations of industries, engineers and environmentalists around the world.
Vacom is inventive, practical and value driven.
Our treatment packages have small footprints, low energy consumption, exceptional longevity and minimal maintenance – supported by dedicated people. Our solutions are designed from operator experience. We know what it is like to go 24/7. Our pricing is fair and based on the focused control of every aspect of problem definition, design, fabrication, start-up and long-term use. 
Vacom wants to be part of your business success.

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International Business Opportunities should be directed to Jim Schleiffarth or Bob Torstrick.

Jim Schleiffarth Vacom Systems
James W. "Jim" Schleiffarth

President & CEO

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Bob Torstrick Vacom Systems
Bob Torstrick

Director Sales Support

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Michael Clarke Vacom Systems
Mike Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

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Lance Edling Vacom Systems
Lance Edling, P.E.

VP Engineering

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Jeffrey Salberg Vacom Systems
Jeffrey Salberg, JD

COO & Executive VP

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Robert Waits Vacom Systems
Robert Waits

Director Business & Gov. Affairs

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Larry Sanderson Vacom Systems
Larry Sanderson, P.E.

Director Project Engineering

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