Our Alliances

pd blowers inc.

PD Blowers supplies and packages our mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) steam systems with rotary lobe blowers or turbofans to our exacting specifications. 30 years of Vacom experience have provided thorough field working knowledge of tolerances, seal designs and oil cooling systems for our applications.


Danfoss / Sondex have exclusively provided heat exchangers of various types to Vacom for over 20 years. Specifically, Vacom has purchased proprietary molds to stamp heat exchanger plates for our high scaling and crystallizer applications. Additionally, our alliance provides the largest plate exchangers in the world for use within the Vacom system design.

JDI Contracts INC

JDI provides fabrication engineering and construction management for Vacom. Since 2003, JDI has been working in heavy industry with specialties in mechanical and electrical engineering. JDI’s team are experts in mechanical CAD modelling and programming PLC/HMI controls.
Accell Saudi Arabia


ACCELL has partnered with Vacom to facilitate and accelerate the entry, deployment and positioning of our technology within the Energy sector in Saudi Arabia. Their 75 years of collective expertise in the oil & gas industry provides Vacom with the market knowledge, on-ground support and advice guidance needed to successfully navigate the Saudi energy market with precision and produce exceptional results.