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Vacom Flash Hydrolyzer

Overview: Vacom’s Flash Hydrolyzer combines a high-rate circulation flash loop at boiling temperatures with process steam recovery and reinjection. This system flashes municipal sludge particles hundreds of times which hydrolyzes the mixture efficiently and recovers heat across our proprietary heat exchanger prior to discharge.

Process Steam Loop: A rotary lobe blower serves to drive the loop. This loop allows for the separation of ammonia and other non-condensable gasses and reinjects the steam for heat recovery.

Flash Loop: Vacom’s patented high speed recycle system, similar to our evaporator designs, guarantees the rupture of single cell bacteria at boiling temperatures.

Custom Design

Vacom Systems™ has designed and implemented numerous systems of all sizes with standard or specialty materials and unique operational demands. With a simple lab bench test, or, if needed, a more extensive on-site pilot unit, Vacom can accurately demonstrate its performance and size its system.

Our design team is well acquainted with the wide range of feedstock conditions across many industries, stringent permit demands and collaborative solutions. Our treatment systems have enabled new concepts in water management.

No job too big or too small

Pilot Systems Available

Vacom has pilot systems for the One-Step! System and the Flash Hydrolyzer. Systems take less than one day to set up and operate, work identically to full scale systems, and are the perfect way to test your waste.

Vacom also performs lab scale bench testing for:

Distillate quality analysis

Boiling point rise and concentration effect

Solids hydrolyzing and dewatering

Stabilization studies