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Custom Design

Vacom Systems has designed and implemented numerous systems of all sizes with standard or specialty materials and unique operational demands. With a simple lab bench test, or, if needed, a more extensive on-site pilot unit, Vacom can accurately demonstrate its performance and size its system.

Our design team is well acquainted with the wide range of feedstock conditions across many industries, stringent permit demands and collaborative solutions. Our treatment systems have enabled new concepts in water management.

Pilot Evaporator System Vacom Systems

Pilot Evaporator System

The pilot unit takes less than one day to set up and start to operate.
It works identically to a full-scale system, and can crystallize salts and concentrate oils up to 80% oil concentration.

The Pilot is the perfect way to know if your waste stream can be volume reduced using VACOM’s proprietary, One-Step evaporation and crystallization technology.

Technical Specifications


12’ x 12’ x 13.5’ high


15,000 lbs


One 75 amp service 48 amp peak load 480V. 3 phase

One air connection @ 80 PSI

One connection <0.5 gal/hr @ 40 psi

Operating Cost
< $15/1000 gal

Requires crane for lifting & setting into place

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Our Business Process

Define Client & Project Goals

Client Provides Sample for Bench Testing

Provide Results and Budget Proposal

Negotiate Pricing and Contract

Client Contracts for Pilot Testing

Schedule Project and Begin Fabrication

Perform Installation, Training and Testing

Close-Out Project and Provide Maintenance