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Metals Processing and Manufacturing

Vacom successfully treats oily wastewater and complex industrial wastewater in the metals processing and manufacturing industries.

Customers such as Eaton, YKK, Lockheed-Martin, Caterpillar and many others have used the Vacom system to manage their highly complex oily wastewater generated from the manufacture of metal parts. Machine tool oils, heavy metals, suspended solids, phosphates, surfactants and rust inhibitors such as Amines are removed and treated in a single step Vacom system. The result is clean water and a high BTU concentrate with oil contents ranging from 60-80% capable of use in a waste fuels program. The result is a residual waste with value rather than the generation of hazardous waste.

Just consider the number and types of plants:

Steel Manufacturing – China 32 plants, USA 23 plants

Coal Chemical Plants

Food Processing – 31,000 plants in the USA

Complex Organic Chemical Industry – 15,000 plants in the USA

Municipal Wastewater – 14,000 plants in the USA

Landfill leachate – 40,000 in the USA

And many other types of plants and industries across the globe…

Water Conservation and Treatment for Long Term Economic Benefit

Simply put, water conservation and treatment is crucial to the economy and viability of industry across the globe. Many companies have made large investments in on-site wastewater treatment to reduce the load on municipal systems and to take advantage of the valuable water resources for reuse. In fact, the World Bank has declared that water is “the new oil” in terms of its value to industry and human civilization.

Oily wastewater from manufacturing processes can be a challenge to treat due to the presence of oils, surfactants, rust inhibitors, heavy metals and other contaminants. The traditional approach has been to use a series of steps including oil/water separation, chemical flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, sludge dewatering and disposal. This approach is not only costly in terms of capital investment, but also in terms of the energy required to operate and maintain the system. In addition, the effluent from this type of system is often still not clean enough for discharge to a POTW or other receiving stream.

The Vacom System offers a single-step solution to the problem of oily wastewater treatment. The system uses a unique application of MVR evaporation to remove all of the contaminants from the wastewater. The result is clean water that can be reused, discharged to a POTW, or a receiving stream. In addition, the system produces a concentrate that can be used as fuel in a waste-to-energy program.

Vacom's One Step process Saves Time and Money

Vacom MVR eliminates the need for costly treatment trains while managing diverse separation challenges. The system offers a number of advantages over traditional treatment systems, including:

Reduced capital cost – the Vacom system requires only a single tank and a small footprint for installation.

Reduced operating costs – the Vacom system does not require dedicated operators and multiple technology maintenance schedules.

Reduced wastewater disposal costs – the Vacom system produces a concentrate that can be used as fuel, eliminating the need to dispose of hazardous waste.

Reduced operator training and maintenance costs – the Vacom system is fully automated and requires minimal operator training and maintenance.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution to your oily wastewater treatment needs, the Vacom One-Step System is the ideal solution. Call us at 435-315-3838, or fill out our contact form to ask questions or to request an evaluation to see if our systems fit your needs.

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