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Optimal Operability and High Reliability – The design of the process is well engineered and differentiates itself from the common operability and reliability issues that are typically seen in falling film and other MVC type evaporator/crystallization systems.
The pilot unit was installed easily by the WRC staff as it required just one electrical connection at 480V power and one small water connection to provide water to the steam boiler.
The system was commissioned and brought up to operating temperature in six hours.

VACOM’s One-Step™ Evaporator technology provides an effective process that can significantly reduce the typical impurities and high TDS present in Produced Water treatment and is also a system that is a simpler design and operationally superior to other evaporator/crystallizer technologies in this service.

Industrial quality salt production is achievable, which provides a market for salt distribution to other industries.
At the end of the test, the heat exchanger plates were dismantled and inspected. No evidence was seen of solids buildup from scale, precipitated salts or suspended solids.
The design eliminates scaling and fouling tendencies within piping and equipment which is typically a frequent maintenance item, and the complexity of the system does not increase with increased throughput. Therefore, minimal operator intervention is required…
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