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“As a near 40-year veteran chemical engineer that has worked with a wide variety of so-called thermal systems in many markets and led process and application groups for Veolia North America in the past and currently using Vacom Systems™ here at Valicor Env. Svc as EVP of Engineering, I can assert that Vacom Systems™ provide significant technical, operational, and commercial value that competitive systems struggle to match. This is due to a practical and highly skilled team that understands the issues that commonly plague conventional Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR’s) with respect to thermal efficiency, fouling, scaling, and long-term operability. I have not found a better team with a better approach to the market backed by a skillset that is responsive, humble, and eager to support the customer.”

Bob Cook
EVP, Engineering and Technology Development
“After years of working together, CleanBay remains committed to the utilization of Vacom technologies to address our unique water recovery and concentrated brine applications. Vacom’s industrial scale experiences worldwide and recent success at Nephron Nitrile continue to provide CleanBay and our investors with the confidence that the Vacom solution is the best current solution for thermal concentration of complicated liquid waste streams. Having completed diligence on a number of alternative MVR systems (Howden, GiG Karasek, RCM Eng, Atlas Copco, Piller, Energy Integration Inc, etc) we believe our decision to work with Vacom is well justified and we look forward to utilizing their technology in our future facilities.”
Shawn Freitas
Chief Technology Officer
The competitive bid process was used to evaluate the top 5 shortlisted vendors, in conjunction with a technical evaluation by Shell internal water treatment subject matter experts. The options matrix evaluation tool was used to narrow the list further to Veolia and Vacom as the top 2 shortlisted vendors for further technical investigation and final economic feasibility. GE was evaluated and removed from the list due to higher operating costs, directionally higher operator intervention requirements to maintain the system, and the requirement for more interfaces between GE and an environmental EP to design peripheral components of the system. Saltworks and Saltech are less mature companies with less experience in the oil and gas market, with higher operating costs and much smaller unit trains which would result in 2-3 times more equipment to operate per m3 of feed. Vacom was identified as the lowest capital and best operating philosophy with least potential for ongoing scaling and fouling, however it had one show stopper associated with a requirement to run a boiler on a continuous basis. This was further challenged and eliminated from the scope, by incorporating another means of heat input. Vacom was therefore selected as the preferred vendor of choice for the water treatment package.
Optimal Operability and High Reliability – The design of the process is well engineered and differentiates itself from the common operability and reliability issues that are typically seen in falling film and other MVC type evaporator/crystallization systems.
The pilot unit was installed easily by the WRC staff as it required just one electrical connection at 480V power and one small water connection to provide water to the steam boiler.
The system was commissioned and brought up to operating temperature in six hours.

VACOM’s One-Step™ Evaporator technology provides an effective process that can significantly reduce the typical impurities and high TDS present in Produced Water treatment and is also a system that is a simpler design and operationally superior to other evaporator/crystallizer technologies in this service.

Industrial quality salt production is achievable, which provides a market for salt distribution to other industries.
At the end of the test, the heat exchanger plates were dismantled and inspected. No evidence was seen of solids buildup from scale, precipitated salts or suspended solids.
The design eliminates scaling and fouling tendencies within piping and equipment which is typically a frequent maintenance item, and the complexity of the system does not increase with increased throughput. Therefore, minimal operator intervention is required…
Eager and willing to make adjustments to meet customer’s requirements at xx% less price than competitors.

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